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Free basic search engine starter package

Our free search engine submission service will let search engines know that you exist.

We will submit your site to a small cluster of the most important search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN.

To greatly enhance the success and coverage of your submissions, an XML sitemap will be created for your site. Google uses XML sitemaps to crawl sites more effectively and it will help your rankings.

All this for nothing! Worth $55

Website renovation and redesign - P.O.A.

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Does your website need a facelift?

If you think your website looks sad and dated or boring then chances are that your customers do too. And if your customers are getting lost on your site and leaving in defeat then it's time to renovate your site.

What's involved in a website reno?

A website renovation starts with a review of your current website.

get startedSee who is visiting your site and how they find you

First we'll look at your visitor stats, if you have them, or by putting tracking in place so we can do a before-and-after comparison. When we look at your stats we look beyond simple number of visits/page views to see how people are finding you, how long they are staying on the site and what they are doing once they are there.

get startedLook at how your site currently works

Next we'll look at the site structure, navigation and the content before moving on to the images and graphics.

get startedGive you our advice

We'll then put these outcomes into a report and provide you with our advice about how to best renovate and renew your site.

Want to talk to someone about a website renovation? Fill in our form and we'll contact you!

Don't worry, we won't throw the baby out with the bathwater

We'll save the best parts of your existing website and get rid of the parts that just aren't working for you. In many cases we can take existing images and content and repurpose them. But sometimes it's better to start again from scratch - and if that's the case then we will let you know and work out the best way forward.

Many clients approach us because they started out with a basic template site and it no longer suits their image. We usually suggest one of two strategies:

1. tweaking the existing design by updating images, fonts, copy (text) and backgrounds

2. developing a brand-new look and feel and repurposed or rewritten text.

A fresh new look will spice up your site...

We'll go through our design process with you, starting with a Photoshop layout to get the look and feel of the website right before proceeding to turn it into HTML, ie a functioning website.

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... but don't ignore the words!

Content may be king but persuasive and compelling content rules the Internet.

If you're going to take the time, effort and expense of reworking your site then you can't afford to ignore the content. Powerful web content and targeted web copy can compel your online visitors to become paying customers - and that's what we want, after all.

At Sauced Out we offer two ways of getting great web content, in conjunction with our partners at Lion Writing. You can either choose to develop your own web content, using the DIY web content guide or have your web content written/rewritten for you by a professional web copywriter by signing up for our copywriting package.

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