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Is Sauced Out right for me?

Choosing a web designer is a time-consuming and confusing task.

There are hundreds of designers out there offering their services. They vary widely in features that they offer and when it comes to pricing, well sometimes that's not clear until the final bill comes in!

While we're on the subject, let's talk about pricing...

Sauced Out works with businesses, organisations and individuals who want to invest time and money into their web presence. Our pricing structures reflect the time and energy that goes into making your site work for you.

(By the way - If you're looking for a cheap and cheerful alternative to our services - then try a template megastore such as Template Monster and put it up on your own hosting (we also provide hosting and domain names). You'll need a fair few hours to dedicate to the project, some knowledge of HTML and an editing program like Dreamweaver. It also helps to have some Photoshop skills as you'll probably want to change some of the text on banners and the like. Alternatively, start a free blog on Blogger.)

Not just a bunch of pretty fonts and photos...

There's so much more to a successful website than just the artwork. On the net, "content is king" but if your site is people can't find the content, or the content isn't suitable to your market then you may as well not have one.

Before we even start on the design we'll talk to you about your business and your current website (if you have one) and marketing strategies to work out the best way to develop your site.

Our graphic design will reflect the type and style of your business and the structure will address the needs of your users and clients. We'll find appropriate stock images and fix up any existing images that you want to use. We can match colour schemes with your branding and even re-draw or modernise your logo.

When it comes to the content on your site we are strong believers that if you're going to put in the time, effort and expense of building a website then you can't afford to ignore the content - it's like building the outside of a house and not worrying about the fittings, it will be incomplete and have unsatisfying results and chances are you will be knocking on our door (or looking for another designer) to complain that your site just isn't living up to your expectations.

So we strongly advise that you set aside a budget for developing powerful web and targeted web content that will compel your site visitors to become paying customers - as that's what we want after all! For the budget conscious we've got a DIY package available or you can engage one of our trusted partners to work with you to write your site for you.

We know you are busy ... but you need to make your website priority when working with us

Clients often approach us and tell us that they need their website done quickly only to disappear when it comes time for them to provide us with information or feedback. Or a boss leaves it to their staff to communicate with us, without having briefed them on the project and things get lost in translation.

At Sauced Out, we don't just want your money, we want your time. Time to spend planning your site and time to spend reviewing content, images and giving us feedback. We will be giving you tasks to do and sending you reminders and we find that the most successful projects we've worked on have been where clients have committed to and been involved in the website process.

The other reason we need your time is so that your project timeline doesn't blow out and take forever. We do our utmost to keep to the time schedules we put in place, so we want to work with clients who'll do the same at their end (although we know that unexpected things do pop up from time to time - in which case we can always put a project on hold while you sort those things out).

We won't leave you high and dry once you've paid

We want you to be happy with your site and so we give a two month support period in which we can fix any kinks with the site and can make small changes (and structural changes after design sign-off will need to be requoted).

We want you to be confident to be able to look after and develop your site and so we provide you with online training via our Client Centre where we've got a stack of video tutorials and manuals and helpsheets to download. We can also arrange a Skype training session or a face-to-face session (travel charges may apply).

In an ideal world everyone would have their own in-house web designer to keep their website fresh, current and easily found by your clients. Unfortunately that's not always possible or cost-effective but that's why Sauced Out is here - if you find you don't have the time or the staff to work on your site, we can do that for you with one of our web maintenance plans.

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