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Sauced Out

Designers - we want YOU!

If you're a graphic or print designer who wants to offer your clients HTML services but aren't strong on coding - then why not "out sauce" the work to us?  We regularly work with graphic designers across Australia as their 'white label' supplier.

It can be our little secret

If you don't want your clients to know that we've worked on your site, then we won't mention it on our site or in any of our portfolios and we will never tell your client that we worked for you or contact them. We'll just be proud in private.

However if it makes your life easier we are happy to work directly with the client on the HTML stage of your project.

Website pricing

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Free basic search engine starter package

Our free search engine submission service will let search engines know that you exist.

We will submit your site to a small cluster of the most important search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN.

To greatly enhance the success and coverage of your submissions, an XML sitemap will be created for your site. Google uses XML sitemaps to crawl sites more effectively and it will help your rankings.

All this for nothing! Worth $55

Layout conversion - P.O.A.

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Do you already have a design concept and just want it converted into a website?


Then you've come to the right place as we offer a full layout conversion service. We can convert Photoshop layouts into HTML for you and we can even take a Powerpoint slide, jpeg image, PDF or even a Word document and turn it into a website.

At this point in time we restrict this service to creating straight HTML websites and newsletters. We can look at layouts for adaption to programs such as Wordpress, however we're not working with Joomla or any shopping carts at the moment.

Prices vary according to the complexity of what we need to do with your layout

For example, if you have a layered PSD file in the correct size (we prefer 960px wide layouts but can work with other sizes) and just want it converted into a straight HTML template page, where you will add in any navigation yourself, then we can do that for $110. A whole website set-up with navigation and any cross-linking would be between $250 and $550.

On the other hand, converting a Word doc or Powerpoint slide into a full website would cost around $990 as we would first need to create images in Photoshop before converting to HTML.

What you get

We convert your layout into valid HTML/XHTML and CSS. We'll send you the files with images in their own directory. If you want, we can also set up the site on your web hosting if you grant us FTP access to your server.

Contact us today and/or send us the file using the form below and we'll give you a quote.

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