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Free basic search engine starter package

Our free search engine submission service will let search engines know that you exist.

We will submit your site to a small cluster of the most important search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN.

To greatly enhance the success and coverage of your submissions, an XML sitemap will be created for your site. Google uses XML sitemaps to crawl sites more effectively and it will help your rankings.

All this for nothing! Worth $55

Forums, blogs and social media

Community sites and social media allow you to communicate in a way unlike any other media

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Communication with your clients and prospects is no longer a one-way street. Gaining customer insights and feedback from clients and prospects has been made easier and more efficient with the advent of blogs, forums and social media like Facebook and Twitter. Many companies, such as the NRMA, are even using these formats to handle customer support and inquiries.

Social Marketing is a way of promoting your website, products and brands through different social media by encouraging people to share content, feedback, opinion, insight and perspectives on your brand or products and services.

Social media includes blogs, discussion boards, forums, podcasts, photos, video, and social networking sites where content is driven by users. It allows people to "follow" or "like" you and is a great way to keep in touch and send messages to people who have shown interest in what you have to offer.

Want to talk to someone about social media, blogs or forums? Fill in our form and we'll give you a call.

Where to put yourself out there?

There are several different types of social media networks to choose from:

  • Social networks like Twitter and Facebook
  • Blogs
  • Social bookmarks
  • Forums
  • Video sharing like YouTube and Vimeo
  • Photo sharing like Flickr

It's not just for show, you've got to put in the work

Sounds great? Well, a word of warning ... don't just have a blog or a Facebook page if you don't intend (or don't have the time) to update it regularly and respond to people's posts or questions. You need to be able to maintain an active presence.

Corporate blogging can be an effective marketing tool

A company blog can be an asset for your business but the blog must have good content to attract traffic and also generate high ranking. To become popular and well recognised, you need to contribute to other blogs on the web and leave relevant comments on these sites. These comments link to your blog and generate traffic from those blogs as well.

Custom blog set-up

Your blog also needs to be set up correctly to enhance your SEO potential. This is where Sauced Out can help - with custom blog setup using Wordpress and a customised template to complement your website.

Our custom blog installation, set-up and customisation fee is $250.

Forums and discussion boards

Forums and discussion boards are where like-minded people gather to discuss issues and 'hang out'. Forums may seem a little 'old-school' to some, as they've been around as long as the Internet, but if done correctly they bring in consistent and loyal traffic and are a captive audience - a large forum such as Essential Baby has over 200 000 members and around 1000 of them on the site at any one time.

However, the best forums are ones that don't overtly try to sell to their members.

Custom forum set-up

We can set up a forum on your hosting and customise a template to closely match your website.

Social Media - Facebook, Twitter etc

Come on over to our social media page to find out how we can help with these networks.

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