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Our design process

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From start to finish we involve you in the process

Our mission is to demystify the web design process - so with that in mind every job we undertake has a process that we follow.

We speak your language

We'll explain things in terms that you can understand and not rely on technobabble. If at any time anything is unclear, just let us know as we are happy to explain.

Getting down to business

Once you contact us - either by phone, contact form or by requesting a quote - we'll arrange a job consultation at a time that suits you.

Our initial consultation is free and generally takes around half and hour, occasionally longer. This consultation is held over the phone and by email. If a face-to-face meeting is more appropriate then we will let you know (however travel charges may apply).

During this consultation we'll ask you questions about your business and any existing web or offline marketing strategies you have in place. We'll talk to you about design styles and preferences.

We'll take this info back to our team and put together the strategy we feel is best for your business and send you a quote and a project proposal. Sometimes we need to send modifications back and forth but once you are ready to proceed we sign a contact, you pay a deposit, and we begin work on the project.

The 5 step process






Gather existing content

such as images, logo, photos, contact info, existing marketing materials etc

Create a site map and set up a draft site

first we create a map outlining how your content will be structured and then we install your CMS or site structure online


Work on your copy (words)

based on the site structure and how what you want people to do on your site (eg contact you, fill in a form or purchase something)


Design a mockup

in Photoshop which gives you a good idea of how your site will look and feel once it's online


Review the mockup

and recommend any necessary changes

Convert the finalised mockup

into a functional website and begin adding pages and additional features


Review pages and features

as the site progresses


Add content and fine tune styling and images

we make sure that everything is looking how it should and is ready to go


Start enjoying your site and learning how to update it

head on over to the Client Centre to learn how to update your site


Launch Site!

we make the site live and submit it to the major search search engines - we give you your passwords and hand the site over to you!


We keep the lines of communication open throughout the process (and beyond)

We use Basecamp, an online project management tool to share files and send messages back and forth. It's better than email as it keeps a record of messages in a central place - but don't worry, it's not hard to use as you can send messages through Basecamp using your regular email address.

Privacy is important to us

So we ensure that we keep your business plans, files and materials completely confidential.

Help is always at hand

After a project is completed you can use our client support form to contact us right away if you ever encounter problems. For high priority problems we will be paged and start working towards fixing the issue straight away.

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