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Sauced Out

Designers - we want YOU!

If you're a graphic or print designer who wants to offer your clients HTML services but aren't strong on coding - then why not "out sauce" the work to us?  We regularly work with graphic designers across Australia as their 'white label' supplier.

It can be our little secret

If you don't want your clients to know that we've worked on your site, then we won't mention it on our site or in any of our portfolios and we will never tell your client that we worked for you or contact them. We'll just be proud in private.

However if it makes your life easier we are happy to work directly with the client on the HTML stage of your project.

Website pricing

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Free basic search engine starter package

Our free search engine submission service will let search engines know that you exist.

We will submit your site to a small cluster of the most important search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN.

To greatly enhance the success and coverage of your submissions, an XML sitemap will be created for your site. Google uses XML sitemaps to crawl sites more effectively and it will help your rankings.

All this for nothing! Worth $55

Pricing structure

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Payment is via direct bank deposit, credit card via Paypal or cheque.

Payment terms are 7 days.

Payment terms

Web design work - under $1000

50% deposit on acceptance of written quote

50% due on completion

Web design work - over $1000

20% deposit on acceptance of written quote

60% due on implementation of draft website (before content added)

20% due on completion/content added

Web maintenance work

Billed monthly.

Web hosting

Choose from monthly or annual payments, due on anniversary date as noted in your hosting documents.

Logos and print design

Upfront payment.

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