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Don't even think about putting pen to paper without first reading The Ultimate Web Copywriting Crash Course!

The Crash Course is authored by copywriter, Lucinda Lions of Lion Writing, one of our trusted partners.

Find out:

  • The 10 minimum details you must know about your target market before being able to write or re-write conversion-inducing website copy.
  • Why it’s important to shoot your target market.
  • How to write persuasively so that your copy presses peoples’ buying buttons and action buttons.
  • How to present your copy so that potential customers can: connect with your site, understand your message, retain the most important messages and act on your instructions quickly and easily.
  • What your website visitor’s # 1 burning question is, and how you can answer it quickly and powerfully so that they’re more likely to pick up the phone or pull out their credit card.
  • What 2 ingredients every single website page must have in order to grab attention and inspire action. (If your web page excludes even one of these ingredients, it could spell trouble for your website).
  • What a Unique Selling Point is, why your website copy needs one, and where to put it in your copy for outstanding results. 
  • How to help potential customers with their problems so that it makes you almost irresistible to do business with.
  • Learn the one unaddressed customer emotion that creates havoc for your website conversion rate, and your overall sales. (And learn how to address this emotion so that people trust you implicitly).
  • The style of writing that every website must adopt if it’s to become a compelling, lead-generation tool.
  • How to write a persuasive call to action that will jolt your website visitor into action.
  • The web pages you must offer so that web-savvy customers can find their information fast. 
Buy direct from Lion Writing - only $9.95
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